Team management: Is your team in sync?

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When a crew is out of rhythm, it will go in all directions and will never reach the desired destination. For a team to be truly efficient, all members must paddle in perfect sync with each other, moving the boat in the same direction. On the other hand, when a crew is out of rhythm, it will go in all directions and will never reach the desired destination. The same applies to companies.

Synchronism is the key to an organization’s success. Without it, companies have difficulty growing and reaching their full potential. In order to introduce synchronism in your organization, make sure that your business works according to the following principles.

Common focus

“Focus, focus, focus.” Individually it’s not something complicated to achieve, but how about planting the idea of focus within a rapidly growing team of employees?

When your company is composed of more than 10 people, it’s more difficult and, at the same time, more important to have all team members heading to the same direction. At an early stage, it’s important to continually review the company’s plans and strategy, as tactics and teamwork can change rapidly, leading to avoidable mistakes.

Communication is key

Given the busy schedules of co-workers, teams often base important decisions on email conversations or periodic phone calls. However, to achieve true business synchrony, it’s necessary to move to an organizational culture based on consistency and proactive planning, rather than just reacting to events. This includes a fluid set of meetings for sharing and decision-making and the implementation of platforms that simplify communication and collaboration, which is even more important on telework. After all, clear and frequent communication is vital to keep all employees on the right track.

Company values

Keeping a team in sync begins with effectively communicating the principles that guide the organization’s internal conduct. The first step in building a solid infrastructure is to start with a solid foundation. Having defined values will be essential in recruiting, executing projects and making difficult decisions. In addition, it’s also necessary for the team to understand the company’s business model and know how to execute long-term plans. However, these plans can be fluid. Some companies change direction according to the company’s focus or the changes that occur in the market.

Build business synergy

The Greek origin term “synergy” refers to the active and retroactive effect of the work or coordinated effort of various subsystems in the execution of a complex task or function. Did you know that business synergy is essential to the workplace?

The leader is an essential piece for this synergy to occur. It’s ideal not to encourage individualism, but to think of employees as unique “pieces“, which move in harmony to transform the workplace in an environment that stands out from the competition.

Business synergy can be based on five essential foundations:

  • Respect;
  • Loyalty;
  • Cooperation;
  • Union;
  • Collective focus.

Imagine a professional environment in which a team:

  • Stays motivated;
  • Distributes tasks according to individual skills;
  • Exchange knowledge and experience;
  • Balances workforces;
  • Praises each other’s work;
  • Has a common goal;
  • Relates well;
  • Combines their talents.

This environment is full of business synergy!

Consider the above points as a base recipe for putting your team on the path to success.  But, of course, you need to adapt them to the needs and strategy of your company. Let us know in the comments if you have other tips to keep your team in sync.

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