What is a leads magnet?


What is a leads magnet and how to create one in your content strategy

What is a leads magnet?

The expression can be translated as a leads magnet, but it doesn’t help explain the functionality it has. For this, it is necessary to go back a bit and realize that a person usually does not become a customer overnight.
To do so, she searches, and researches for the ventures that understand her best and have the best solutions for her pains.
Brands only realize this if the person provides personal data to then start a relationship, the tighter it is, the better it will get to know the person and will recommend the best offers.
And to get this data, there needs to be an exchange, with the lead magnet.
This term is defined as a free offer that is made in exchange for email and possibly additional information.
In other words, the lead magnet is what will awaken the possible customer, so that he will provide the data to the company.

A lead magnet is nothing more than a free product or service that is made available in order to obtain contact details. For example, magnet leads can be trial subscriptions, samples, white papers, e-newsletters, and free consultations. Marketers use lead magnets to create sales leads. Marketers try to convert leads into customers for a product.

Understanding a Lead Magnet

When the customer signs up for a trial version or gives a name and more details for a free sample, he actually exchanges his information for a lead magnet.

Lead magnets build trust in the product and increase consumer interest. In marketing, it can be compared to handing out samples in stores or tasting them in a supermarket. The visitor can try a mini-version of the product for free, and get to know its properties and benefits. But nothing forces him to make a purchase.

Examples of  Leads Magnet

Here are 2 examples of magnet leads.


Anyone can make an Ebook and it’s a great way to create content for a magnet lead.

When you are creating the ebook, you will need to write a lot about some topics related to the company. This style of a lead magnet may not be right for an online store, but it can be a good option for another type of business.

With the ebook, there is the possibility to elaborate on a subject of which you have the knowledge and help the subscribers with your knowledge and experience.

So it is good for two reasons: you help the subscribers in solving a problem, and you still get to demonstrate that you are an expert in your field.

Tests and evaluations

If you offer a free trial of the product/service you sell so that users can get to know it before they buy it, this lead magnet will be an extremely beneficial way to attract new customers.

It is obvious that for a doctor, or a lawyer, it will be more challenging to create a lead magnet based on a free version of the product/service, but it is not impossible either…

With this kind of lead magnet, you can turn subscribers into customers in a short time. You will offer them a free version for a few days of a product/service so that they see the advantages of what you are trying to sell them.

I remind you that the above examples are not the only lead magnets. The use of each of them will depend, mainly, on the type of product/service that the company offers.

Final considerations

All right! If you have come this far, then you already have a clear idea of what lead magnets are and the importance of generating them. It is important that you do not fail to create them.

That way, at this point you can dig deeper and do corresponding research to work on the lead magnets you will use in your content marketing strategy.

Remember that for your lead magnets to work, you must make content focused on the needs of your target audience and with quality. These free tools for exchanging contact information are the best way to start positioning your brand.

Always keep in mind that by producing lead magnets that work, the company will have more opportunities to increase the number of customers.

I hope this article has been helpful, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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