What you need to know before hiring a crm


What you need to know before hiring a crm.

Being able to figure out how to hire the ideal CRM for your company, is a matter of tactics and making sure that your company was hit with the right system.

CRM Functionalities

The functionalities that the CRM presents are of course essential for the client to hire it or not. The problems you have in your business need to be solved.

So what features does the software have that help your sales routine improve?

How do they work, and how sufficient are they to solve your problem?

For any decision-making, consider this. For this reason, you should make sure to clear all doubts both in the CRM trial period and in the CRM presentation.

Also, view the content that is tailored to your needs, such as videos, tutorials, articles, etc.

Seeing a list of the utilities helps in the first moment, but only going deeper into the content provided will give you a broad and complete picture.

They serve to give you knowledge about how CRM, with X functionality, solves Y business problems.

Success stories also help you to learn more about using CRM in practice. Finally, you will see the testimony of someone who also had the same problems.

Integration with other tools

For your process to be complete and the transformation to be true, you need to have the technology in all sectors of the company.

Marketing, HR, and all the sectors, which already relate to each other normally, need to come together technologically as well.

So, in the task of hiring a CRM, choose one that has integration with other tools.

Not only with software for the areas mentioned above, as in marketing automation or ERP, for example.

A good sales system is integrated with platforms that help in more and better sales, such as chatbots, Facebook Leads Ads, etc.

In other words, tools that help you achieve a complete, real-time, and targeted customer success experience.

The processes and their stages are all connected. Marketing, sales, finance.
So the sales system needs to integrate with the best tools, try to make sure of that before you decide which one to use.

This is one of the points that ensure not only total control of sales, but an always assertive approach, generating value, and giving what the customer needs at the right time.

Information centralized in the CRM

This is another starting point, but it cannot go unmentioned here: the CRM has to have centralized information – especially when talking about a sales opportunity.

The company is after a system because it must have a problem managing its sales.

And it may not be able to see all the significant information about its business. If the CRM that the company has does not offer this, then… what is the point?

It is critical, therefore, to have all customer and company information within the CRM system.

Have the contacts, values, and dialogue history with the prospects in the opportunities.

Another important point: the calls that your team made with the prospects. They need to be recorded and be within the opportunity.

This way, it helps the salesperson to work on top of their problems, knowing exactly what they have to do to guarantee the sale.

Having centralized information reduces the sales cycle significantly.

And when that happens, the team will have more time to not only make new deals but contribute insights that improve the process.


Being successful in hiring a CRM is about getting a system that is organized and makes things easier, rather than more complicated.

Even more so for companies that are starting their digital transformation and are not yet used to the software.

But basically, you need to know what CRM has to have to be easy and intuitive to use.

After all, we all are or have been users of various platforms and know well what we like and what we don’t like.

Multiple funnels

A CRM system cannot stand in the way of organizing your process or growing it.

So regardless of whether you are looking for a more basic or a full-featured plan, choose a system that allows you to create multiple funnels.

To limit the enterprise is to limit the growth of your business. And that doesn’t make much sense. If the focus is on the customer, you have to allow them to be able to grow.

So, get comfortable and create multiple funnels

If the company has a process, with defined steps, the process can be managed through CRM.

The system needs to be much more than sales process management. A tool that helps you manage processes relevant to your business.

Take advantage of integrations to be able, step by step of the funnel, to deliver what your customer needs.

Automatic actions

To understand how to hire CRM is to realize the importance that the system’s automatic actions have in the company’s day-to-day business.

It is something necessary to be able to deal with assertiveness in every possible opportunity.

More than dealing with assertiveness is simply not failing to do what has to be done. Because it is difficult to remember everything that happens with so many businesses opening.

Automatic actions allow that at each movement of the card from step to step, an email is sent to the prospect, for example, sending him relevant content.

Or, take the lead’s information to another platform. And there, see again the importance of tool integration.

With automatic action, the company gains in productivity. It will not miss any opportunity due to lack of action.

So, consider this as a relevant point when choosing a sales system.

Don’t forget to ask the salesperson who will demonstrate the tool to you. Try to ask them to show you how it works in practice.

The last point to follow when hiring a crm is:

Implementation  CRM

Implementation is also an important step that will give you direction about the CRM you have chosen.

This is the time when a professional will analyze your problems and show you the best practices, both in business and in the system.
This professional must be, besides being consultative, and didactic in his presentation. After all, not everyone has a culture of CRM and is used to this technology.

Therefore, make an analysis of how focused the approach made by the pre-sales and sales team is on the customer. You can get a good sample of how the implementation will go from there.

If the team is consultative and concerned with helping your business, then certainly the implementation stage will be the same way.

But the customer experience doesn’t start with the sale. It starts way back.

So if yours is being positive, it is because indeed the customer is a concern. And when the system is implemented, the company will certainly have attended to all their problems.

And then, the company will always have the best practices with CRM and all teams can be more and more strategic and focused on generating value for the customer.

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