12 Inbound Marketing tips to get the best results

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The scenario of economic crisis and decline in investment is not something new for anyone. In the Marketing sector, budget cuts are often made quickly and without careful analysis. When there is no other alternative, businesses opt for solutions that bring sales results, with the least possible investment. Many companies find Inbound Marketing the best answer to overcome this moment of adversity, since the cost of a lead in Inbound is 50% less compared to more traditional strategies.

Inbound Marketing is a set of marketing strategies aimed at attracting potential customers on a voluntary basis. It is an innovative strategy that breaks with old marketing concepts and fosters a new vision of work, which is based on attracting people’s attention and making your potential customers find and search for your services or products.

Inbound Marketing strategy combines content creation with marketing automation. Its methodology is based on four actions:

  • Attract traffic from visitors;
  • Convert visitors into leads;
  • Turn leads into clients;
  • Offer the best experience to your customers in order to make them loyal and brand promoters.

In this article we will share 12 tips to implement an Inbound Marketing strategy in your company.

  1. Set goals for attraction, lead generation (MQL and SQL) and customers early on.
  2. Divide the potential clients according to their profiles of interest (for sales). Ever heard of personas?
  3. Create the persona’s relationship journey with the brand, from the “Awareness” journey to the purchase decision. Knowing the purchase cycle is fundamental!
  4. Activate lead nurturing campaigns with each persona, in a prospecting process that leads to business proposals. Follow the complete cycle and get regular sales feedback.
  5. Monitor your public´s behavior and conversion rates. Taking advantage of analytics is a factor for success.
  6. Establish integration between marketing and sales areas and processes.
  7. Keep in touch with those who have not purchased and with those who have already acquired your products and/or services. Keep in touch with everyone!
  8. Design a content strategy for the top, middle and bottom of funnel to attract each client profile. Don’t generalize!
  9. Constantly adjust your own content and channels according to results and audience feedback. Focus on optimization!
  10. Bet on the production and publication of content (texts, infographics, videos, etc.) on the website, blog, social networks and other channels.
  11. Distribute content across multiple channels to accelerate attraction and conversion. Integrating everything is essential!
  12. Focus on Social Media, where you can talk to millions of people for free. Instead of standing in the cold street holding an advertising panel, you can sit behind a desk and engage with your potential customers online, in the comfort of your home or office.

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Will you start applying these 12 tips? Share with us in the comments other practical actions that help optimize results.

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