Remote work: 5 tips for a more motivated team

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Team motivation is a common challenge in the workplace. But those who think that strict management is the only way to maintain a productive team are wrong. On the contrary, involving and motivating employees and aligning them with the company’s aspirations and goals is the best recipe for success. The reason is simple: a motivated team is more committed to carrying out its tasks, besides remaining loyal to the company, which reduces turnover and increases productivity.

In this article we will give you 5 tips to keep your team motivated and to work towards the same goal!

Individual Motivation
A motivated team is a set of motivated individuals. If a team is rowing in the same direction and working together, it means that individual needs are being fulfilled for each team member. The motivation of employees who are part of a team and work hard with their colleagues, may soon decrease if they don’t feel fulfilled. For this not to occur, it’s essential to create a cooperative environment, with a greater motivational potential than an “iron fist” management, focused exclusively on achieving certain goals and results, often impractical.

Feedback is an opportunity to strengthen two sides of any management: relationship and learning. On the one hand, it’s essential that the manager dialogues directly with employees, exchanging information and receiving suggestions, which will certainly help improve communication and the relationship between manager and employee, making the environment more cooperative and the team more motivated. On the other hand, feedback is an opportunity to stimulate employees who are on the right track and especially guide those in the adaptation phase, sharing tips, strategies and knowledge.

Another point that contributes a lot to motivation is the flexibility of management. It’s important that the manager has an open mind to receive suggestions. Often, by dealing directly with production processes, employees are able to take a different view of their own tasks and company routines. As a result, implementing good suggestions can increase your team’s productivity.

The feeling of alienation in the workplace is related to the fact that usually employees are not fully aware of what’s the purpose of the product(s) or service(s) that the company provides. Developing a purpose contradicts the sense of alienation. Therefore, it’s essential that managers define a common and well-designed purpose, whether it’s the goal of marking the presence of the organization internationally or positively impacting the local community. In this way, employees know exactly the values, goals and aspirations of the company, which fosters the unity of the team.

Accepting the opinions and suggestions of employees is a way to motivate them, which is advantageous, because innovative ideas can be born from this attitude. If the employee was hired for his talent, it’s necessary to encourage his/her participation. The employees’ intellect, ideas and experiences are valuable contributions to the evolution of the team as a whole and should be considered. In addition, managers can use, for example, communication and collaboration platforms to maintain an open communication channel with their employees.

Paying constant attention to these five pillars is an efficient way to keep your team motivated and productive, without any costs. Create a well-defined management system that fits your business. So, it will be possible to evaluate the results achieved, monitor daily work and correct frequent errors. This is a way to demonstrate to each member of your team that:

  • Errors can be fixed based on minor changes.
  • The tasks are being carried out successfully.
  • The participation of each individual is important for the cohesion of the group.

This way, everyone will feel part of the team and will be able to realize their value within the company.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


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