Remote work: 6 tips to be more productive at home

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The public health crisis caused by COVID-19 has changed many parts of our daily routine: trips to the office, face-to-face meetings, and what it means to be a worker in the modern economy. With “social distancing” now as the norm in many countries, the transition to telecommuting has been one of the responses of numerous businesses.

In this context, we will give 6 tips to maintain productivity while working from home!

But first, do you know what telework is?

According to Article 165 of the “Código do Trabalho”(Portuguese Labour Code), the work provision performed with legal subordination, usually outside the company and through the use of information and communication technologies, is considered teleworking. In other words, the most common example is that of the worker who, instead of performing his duties on the premises of the company, does so at home, through his computer and mobile phone.

Use the right tools
The right work tool makes it easy to organize tasks, communicate and manage projects. In addition, it allows the employer to track the tasks that each employee is performing. Keep your team productive!
Working as a team online
Due to new technologies, it’s possible to maintain collaboration between team members, not losing interaction and intercommunication. Take advantage of technology! Hold videoconferencing meetings with your colleagues daily and keep in close contact with customers. Make sure everyone feels supported and motivated.
Respect working hours
In order not to lose productivity with remote work, it’s necessary to respect the working hours. It’s important to set daily goals and avoid any distractions as much as possible since it’s crucial to maintain your company’s results during this time of quarantine. The goal in mind should be to be able to focus on one task at a time. Stay focused!
Choose a quiet place to work
If possible, choose a quiet location in your home with good lighting. The important thing is to be a neutral space that you don’t need to use on a day-to-day basis for other tasks. Make sure, for example, your desk and work chair at home are comfortable. And try to remove all kinds of distractions from this space, like a TV and your phone.
Set goals
Setting daily goals is essential for you to focus on your work. However, look for these objectives to be realistic and preferably write them down in a digital or physical document. As soon as you’ve completed them, mark them as complete.
Change clothes
Put on a different outfit you slept with and do what you’d do on your regular workdays. You don’t need to choose your best set, the important thing is to avoid getting in your pajamas. So it helps the brain realize that it’s time to get into working mode.

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