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How to still control your business in telework  

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We are going through delicate moments, in a fight against an invisible enemy that spreads worldwide. Many companies have been forced to restructure following the increase in cases of COVID-19, putting their workers on a telework.

However, in this time of uncertainty it’s essential to maintain your team’s productivity and avoid devastating results for your business. So in this article we will give 6 tips so that your company effectively manages telework and doesn’t decrease productivity during this period.

Have a meeting about telework protocols with your team
Organize a conversation to identify your organizational telework standards and protocols and reach a consensus on what “telework” means specifically for your business.

Build a trusted environment
Telework is an opportunity to promote trust among employees and management. The strict supervision of the daily activities of employees hinders productivity and manifests an environment of mistrust. On the other hand, established and agreed productivity metrics ensure long-term team success during remote work.

Monitor performance
It’s not always easy to control remote work, adopting the traditional management methods performed by companies: entry and exit times, pre-established intervals for lunch and rest, duration of working hours, among others. Thus, the management of people in remote work should be focused fundamentally on the results obtained. It’s necessary to set goals, create measurable performance indicators and adapt to this new condition as much as possible.

Stay connected
Ensure that all team members know how to use the media used by the company. Teamwork, even in telework, is essential for the success of the company, so it’s important to maintain an acceptable response period, thus valuing intercommunication.

Be transparent
Use shared calendars, instant messaging, email messaging, a collaboration platform, and other transparent media outlets to inform your team members about their work status.

Manage based on results
It’s necessary not to confuse the employees’ activities with the results that these activities produce. Establish a clear definition of performance goals and indicators and ensure close monitoring of these indicators, together with the ongoing training of teleworking employees.
Now that you know our tips for controlling your business in the current telework landscape, would you change something in your company or do you already implement these suggestions?

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