What is Customer Management?

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The market is increasingly competitive and one of the key points for the success of every business is to have a good customer management, with strategy and assertiveness so that your company is considered differentiated and competitive.

What is customer management?

Customer management is a method that aims to organize all the information on each consumer in order to optimize prospecting and improve the relationship with the company.

By performing a good customer portfolio management, it is possible to have more clarity about which are the potential leads, in which stages of the funnel they are, foresee some of their actions, increase retention and loyalty to the brand, and other benefits that we will show later.

In the same way that we can understand which are the best leads, customer management also allows us to show which ones should be “discarded”. As we will also explain later, having a larger customer portfolio may not help increase sales.

Why should I do customer management?

Customer management, when done efficiently, allows teams to have more clarity about each of their contacts, at what stage of the buying journey they are in, what their respective pains and demands are, and, most importantly, what the ideal solution is for their problem to be solved.

This means that customer management provides a more assertive service and can help increase the chances of the deal being closed. In addition, with the optimized strategy for contact management, it will be easier to identify the best business opportunities.

What is customer relationship management?

For the work of customer management to be profitable for the company, it is necessary to build relationships with each customer so that they are truly satisfied with the business.

The term customer relationship management, comes from a better known in English, CRM. This includes a series of strategies that aim to improve the effectiveness of each contact with the consumer.

At this stage, the challenge lies in the fact that the more customers, the more challenging it becomes to provide an experience for all of them, although this is a fundamental step. Several studies indicate that companies that provide an above-average customer experience perform better financially than their competitors.

In addition to the profit advantages, customers are also more satisfied with the brand, more loyal, and even promoters of it.

By adopting a CRM strategy, the company can organize all the information about each consumer, have more clarity about which were the interactions with the brand so far, in which phase of the funnel the lead is and even anticipate the customer’s needs.

What is the importance of managing customer relationships efficiently?

All the data available in a CRM are important for any company agent, since they offer insights about who that client is, what his relationship with the brand is, the level of maturity to purchase, among other information.

This way, when making a contact with the customer, it can be much more assertive and provide a real customer experience. After all, it will not be just a sale, but a closed deal according to the consumer’s needs.

In addition, with CRM software, it is possible to automate tasks to increase productivity and still preserve the personalization of each contact, in the same way that it optimizes the conversations made with customers, since all the information is centralized in a single place.

Key advantages in customer management

Improving customers’ experience with your company

Customer management allows you to have an organized contact portfolio, which helps provide an excellent experience for each consumer.

It can also help the customer realize when a particular company has a higher level of attention to their interactions, increasing the chance that they will receive a positive response. In turn, if this perception is negative, this can hurt business, and a great deal of effort will need to be put into reversing this scenario.

Increase customer retention and loyalty

With optimized customer relationship management, the chances of customers having positive experiences with the company increase, which consequently provides more chances of them becoming loyal to the brand.

Besides attracting new leads to the company, it also helps to retain and build loyalty among those who had already had some contact with the company, thus opening opportunities to cross sell or up sell.

Another factor that we can point out as a point in favor for the business is the building of a true and lasting relationship with each consumer. Customers want to be heard by companies and have an easy time finding solutions to their problems.

This is what we call customer success, which means that the solution must really deliver what it promises in order for the customer’s experience to be complete and for them to achieve the expected results with their business.

Finally, we can also talk about a third factor, which is brand strengthening. Companies that properly manage their customers create more valuable interactions with each of them, and thus provide an experience that is disseminated in the market through brand promoters. In this way the company becomes a reference in customer experience, the point that guarantees an advantage against its competitors.

Knowledge about the consumers

With a dedicated customer management, it becomes possible to organize with greater assertiveness all the details about each customer. This way, when negotiating, you will have all the information at hand, and it will be possible to know better who is on the other side.

Satisfied customers are customers who feel unique to the company!

When they realize that the company knows some details about them, the service becomes more efficient and the level of satisfaction is higher.

More agile customer service

Besides getting to know each customer better, good customer management can provide a more agile service that offers exactly what the customer is looking for.

It is very important to have a customer management system like Airdesk, so that you can have access to all the information about a customer, just a click away.

So whenever you have to interact with a customer, you can quickly access his file and understand how best to serve him and solve his issue quickly, even if it is a sale.

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Sales growth

By following all the actions mentioned above, you can see a growth in customer satisfaction with your company and, consequently, a growth in company profits. By structuring a plan to manage the customer portfolio effectively, negotiations will be more personalized and assertive, increasing the chances of achieving sales success.

Considering all the points, customer management is currently one of the most important actions that must be adopted by any company that seeks to grow in the market.

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