How to boost productivity when returning to the office

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After several weeks of confinement, businesses began reopening and employees gradually returned to the office.

Although the reopening process is unique to each company, all will have to create management processes to keep their team members involved and connected throughout the reopening phase. In this article we will share 3 tips to keep your team connected, productive and motivated.

1. Develop and share your plan for the future

In addition to the legal guidelines, each company has to answer several questions regarding this new reality. How to reconfigure your physical space in order to encourage social distancing? How can you customize your reopening policy to accommodate the different needs of employees?

To ensure you can share the answer to these questions, establish your objectives clearly. Share company policies and provide a space where your employees can ask questions. Make sure the voices of all your employees are heard.

2. Communicate with your team

One of the main benefits of an office environment is the ability to work closely together on projects. It’s essential to make collaboration and open communication a priority.

Make sure you communicate consistently with your team. Communicate in a format that your team can consult frequently. Standardise the communication and frequency with which you update your team.

Clarify who your employees should contact, what policies are in place, and what resources are available to them. If you want to reduce errors and empower your team to be more productive, develop a clear plan and communicate it effectively.

3. Manage the change of priorities

During the transition to teleworking, many projects were postponed, many tasks were delayed and priorities were reorganised. It’s expected that, with the return to the office, you’ll not instantly know where to start. This is where a collaborative platform can help your team! With Airdesk, you can organize all your pending tasks, assign them to your employees and keep your entire team in sync.

You can manage the change of priorities and get an overview of the progress of your projects. Keep all your work organized on one platform.

The return to (a new) normality

Airdesk can help you communicate with your team, manage priorities and track your projects, deals and tasks in this new phase. Discover the Airdesk features that can help your team work better, faster and with greater versatility.

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