Airdesk Tips: How to manage a project successfully

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You know what is like to get started on a new project, but when you’re ready to complete the project plan, you realize that you have some tough decisions ahead of you. Determining how you’ll organize, manage, and track your work is key to achieve success.

Businesses, large and small, are constantly juggling numerous projects, whether they know it or not. However, they might not think of project management as a specific discipline.

Sometimes it only manifests as a management saying: “We need to finish this by the end of the week. You’re in charge.” Now, everything you do after receiving a project to complete is, in fact, project management. Especially if you’re coordinating a team and organizing work.

Manage all kinds of projects with Airdesk

Project management is just a set of tools that enable managers to guide a project from point A to point B in a cost-effective way. Even though, it can help teams complete projects in time, most organizations struggle with their project management processes.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. With Airdesk, you can organize your project to best fit your team’s needs, so you can focus on the work that matters most. Check out these tips to manage projects with Airdesk, so your team can get the show on the road.

1- Create your project

Project management is one of Airdesk’s most versatile features. It aims to help teams manage any type of project. When using this feature, you can create:

  • Cases
  • Tasks
  • Time

Once data entries are made, Airdesk helps you to manage or respond to the following questions:

  1. How many hours are included in the project?
  2. How many tasks are left to complete the project?
  3. When is the delivery date?
  4. How many hours were released this month?
  5. Has the project already exceeded the hours limit?
  6. Why has this project exceeded 20 hours?
  7. Among others.

It’s not possible to close a project while tickets or tasks are still open. It will be necessary to close everything before concluding the project, so that the missing tasks are removed from the employees’ schedules.

Project Fields

In order to be able to manage projects with some accuracy, it’s important that you fill out the fields presented below:

  • Associate with (Customer)
  • Contact (Internal contact)
  • Entry (Date the project entered the system)
  • Pipeline (Pipeline to be used in the project)
  • State (Project state)
  • Name (Project name)
  • Type of Project
  • Opportunity No. Selling (Internal No.)
  • Estimated time (Hours)
  • Start (Project start date)
  • End (Project end date)
  • Description (Project description)
  • Description for person in charge (Description for the project manager)
  • Person in charge (internal project manager)
  • Departments (Department(s) involved)
  • Teams / Employees (Teams and/or employees involved)
  • Trackers (Project Trackers, can see and follow)
  • Annexes (Annex and files corresponding to the project)

2- Organize your project

After completing the previous phase, you’ll see that there are 5 Project states: Open, Warranty, Concluded, Closed, and Cancelled.

You can follow the status of projects through the Kanban method. This technique allows you to visualize the project, maximize efficiency, and constantly improve the flow and quality of your work.

After each workday, your team is able to launch time-related to your projects, to know exactly how long it took to finish each project.

3- Manage your project

Track your company’s project count, response time, and much more through the project report.

Airdesk helps you manage or respond to the following situations:

  • What tasks are needed to complete a project.
  • What projects are assigned to the customer.
  • What projects are assigned to the contract.
  • What projects are assigned to the deal.
  • What projects are assigned to the employee.

Access this information through intuitive dashboards, so you can clearly visualize as much information as possible. Know exactly what the status of the projects is, the average time to close projects, the time-released for open projects, and much more.

Project management contributes to the increase of productivity and efficiency in your work. Avoiding delays, unnecessary costs, and overworked employees are just some of the benefits of improving your project management skills. Therefore, having a collaboration tool to manage your projects is crucial.

With a simple and intuitive design, Airdesk is user-friendly, ensuring the rapid adaptation of your team and providing an overall view of your business.

Put these project management tips into practice with Airdesk and work better, faster, and with greater versatility.

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