Airdesk: New features

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Our mission is to solve all the challenges you face in your work. With this in mind, we work daily to create a platform that is simple, attractive, and user-friendly. Here are the new features and improvements we recently added to Airdesk. We hope they make your workday easier!

Export History

All document exports such as time records, tasks, projects, reports, etc., can be easily consulted by the user in the “Settings”.

Invitation Cancelment

After inviting a user to access a workspace via email, you can easily cancel the invitation.

New Sidebar

New Airdesk sidebar with more fields in the classification and more useful information for users.

Permission Management

Now you can set permissions after inviting a user to your Airdesk workspace.

Stay tuned for big improvements and news yet to come! Explore our complete feature list with all the right tools to help you get the best results. 📈

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