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In the past two years, companies of all sizes have been affected in ways that go beyond their finances, like the shift to remote work and the changing demands of consumers.

Businesses now must be more proactive in finding and creating solutions for a more engaging, sustainable, and transparent business model, so they can keep their employees and customers satisfied while delivering successful projects and initiatives. Despite the road ahead seeming promising, here are 3 problems that companies face every day that Airdesk can help solve.

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Problem #1: Decentralized Information

What is your company’s most prized asset? Without a doubt, it’s your information. Yet, many associations struggle with managing their information.

Information management has the potential to drive your organization forward. It encompasses your deals, your products, and your ideas. Today, thanks to advanced platforms, teams can access information like never before. The volume of data has exploded, and so has its velocity, across the organization and around the world.

Why is information management important?

Information is the lifeblood of any organization. It helps dictate how businesses form strategies, and implement processes based on them. With access to vast amounts of information comes great responsibility. Organizations are under increasing pressure to handle information responsibly and ethically and to comply with evolving legal regulations. Failure to comply with these regulations can land businesses in big trouble, with huge fines potentially imposed, which is a further reason why organizations take information management so seriously.

Airdesk helps companies centralize their data and access it in real-time.

  • Airdesk gives you the ultimate control over companies, departments, and teams. It enables users to build their personalized workspace and access all the tools they need to work smarter.
  • It helps keep everything organized and under control. Users can access detailed reports in real-time to track processes and get a 360-degree view of your business.
  • To help businesses protect their information, Airdesk works with a hierarchical level of permissions. Permissions determine what information users can see and edit within Airdesk, which allows users/members to maintain an appropriate balance between collaboration and control.
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Problem #2: Remote Work

The public health crisis caused by COVID-19 has changed many parts of our daily routine: trips to the office, face-to-face meetings, and what it means to be a worker in the modern economy.

If many of your employees have shifted from working in-office to remote or hybrid work, adjustments must be made.

Remote work may be more common than it used to be, but it still comes with its challenges such as tracking tasks and productivity, remote collaboration, and managing team projects.

Yet, the right work tool makes it easier to organize tasks, communicate and manage projects remotely. In addition, it allows the employer to track the tasks that each employee is performing.

Airdesk brings teams together so they can continue collaborating and tracking work, wherever they are:

  • You can assign tasks, projects, and deals to your team members. Track their progress via detailed real-time reports, map out deadlines and timelines, and gain actionable insights.
  • By centralizing all communications, Airdesk helps create productive workflows. This allows remote teams to stay on top of their tasks. For all this, you just need a browser and internet connection.
  • Stay in sync across all your devices. We also have an app for mobile devices that takes remote work to the next level.

Problem #3: Time and money lost to inefficient processes

Employers must work to create a safer and more efficient work environment, whether it’s fully remote or in-person. Many people don’t make the connection that doing this can in turn positively impact your bottom line.

How a Airdesk can help:

Airdesk can help your business reduce paper usage, which will benefit the environment and the way your business runs. Here are just a few benefits to making the switch:

Saves money: The cost of working with paper can add up to $400,000 per year.

Saves time: An average of 4 weeks of productivity is lost for a business each year waiting on misfiled, mislabeled, untracked, or lost paper documents.

Easier to transfer information: Airdesk offers cloud storage so all your documents can live in one place where you can search for and share them quickly when you need them.

You can easily conduct searches across Airdesk to find everything you need with Omni Search. It’s a one-stop access point to results such as tasks, projects, deals and more. Use this search for anything you want access to immediately.

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Taking businesses to success

Shifting work environments and the constant change of consumer demand can place a lot of stress on any businesses—it requires them to find solutions that can help them scale with ease while prioritizing their employee and customer satisfaction.

To fit their needs, businesses can use an easy-to-implement and intuitive tool like Airdesk to maximize their productivity and create customizable solutions to help them succeed.

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