Hot & Cold Leads



Leads are the most important part of business, and knowing how to identify leads and identify them is also fundamental to ensuring the success of your company.
The client is a great asset to your company, that is, without him, nothing exists. Therefore, their capture and loyalty must be one of the most important and studied pillars within your brand.

What are Leads?

A lead is a contact who has somehow shown interest in something from your company. To attract the lead’s attention grant information to the company. This information may have been gained through contact forms, landing pages, and free evaluations.

What are Hot Leads?

At first, these names may seem strange, but I will clarify what they are about.
Generally speaking, it is not difficult to identify hot leads from cold ones. The difference lies in the level of interest that each lead expresses.

A hot lead is nothing more than the person making contact with the company. And after the first contact, he/she continues in contact with the company, since he/she shows real interest in the product/service.
Usually, the hot leads show interest naturally, which does not need great efforts from the company to make the sale. Unlike the cold lead, it has to be convinced. And the best way for this to happen is to establish a connection with him so that he feels the need to make a purchase.
To determine if the lead is really hot, apart from the interest expressed, details such as the need for the product, the budget, and the authority to close a deal also need to be considered.

What are Cold Leads?

A cold lead is that person who has given you the contacts, but it has been a long time since they have talked to you, or who has left you without any contact and he has lost the “will”. It could be someone who filled out the form, just out of curiosity, or was just doing some market research for the future.

Still in the middle of these two, we can qualify the lukewarm lead. The lukewarm lead can be those people on the email list who want to receive promotions. This lead doesn’t quite know what he wants yet, but if you send the right mail, he will convert.
This lead, just like the cold lead, requires more effort to get the sale finalized.

What is Lead Scoring?

Lead Scoring is a way that you use to rank your prospects.
To do this scoring the company needs to have its persona done. Then it compares the lead directly with the persona and the closer it is the higher the score of that lead.

What is the difference between hot and cold leads?

The difference between cold lead and hot lead is that cold lead is people who do not know the company, the brand, or the product and have not related in any way.
The hot lead, on the other hand, is the people who already have some involvement, either with the company, the brand, or the product.

Final considerations

Now that you know more about the types of potential customers: hot leads, cold leads, and warm leads.

Each of them requires specific strategies to be converted into a productive period.

Organize your team of professionals to follow up on the entire lead base. It is essential to map everyone’s journey to get a sense of the quality of brand behavior.

It is also a relative tactic to predict the company’s revenue over months.

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