5 tips to ensure Cloud Security

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Today, 90% of companies are in the Cloud. Connectivity, process optimization and increased productivity are some of the main advantages of the Cloud for business. Despite its rapid growth, the Cloud introduces the risk of security breaches that can drastically affect an organization. Therefore, data security is a major concern for IT professionals.

With the current pandemic, digitalization has accelerated, driven by the fact that many companies have been forced to work remotely. However, one of the key issues to look at before making the move to the cloud is that of information security. It is essential to create a plan to ensure that your company is secure and to fix possible problems quickly without data loss.

But how can organizations protect themselves while still enabling innovation, data access and flexibility? Discover 5 tips to help companies focus on preventing security threats in the Cloud.

The importance of the Cloud for the evolution of enterprises

With teams working remotely and the need to have data constantly available, cloud platforms are gaining more and more traction in the enterprise sector.

In addition to enabling cost savings in terms of server maintenance and software purchases, they also allow for greater data security and resource scalability.

However, it is necessary to ensure proper security of cloud services, so as not to put at risk the entire business information structure.

What precautions should be taken to ensure the security of the Cloud?

Create strong passwords

A secure password prevents others from misusing resources that do not belong to them, which can cause you serious problems (for example: taking private information – pictures, account or credit card numbers, etc.) To ensure the security of the Cloud, strong passwords are necessary. To do this, it is important to build passwords that contain more than 8 characters and mix letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and special characters.


The Cloud has revolutionized the way information is stored, but there are practices that must be maintained. One of them is to perform backups so that data is not lost. This way you can easily recover documents, spreadsheets and other individual items, or even an entire volume of data. Therefore, it is important to opt for providers that replicate the information elsewhere.

Use two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a feature that adds an additional layer of security to the account login process by requiring the user to provide two forms of authentication. In addition to a strong password, it is also essential to build a two-factor authentication system that mandates the use of an email, App or SMS to confirm the user’s identity.

Encrypt stored data

Never before has the expression “secrecy is the soul of business” made so much sense. It is essential for companies to keep their data confidential in order to stay competitive, but also to ensure the protection of their customers’ data. When storing data, make sure it is encrypted, so that it can only be accessed with a valid account, password, or specific decryption program. This prevents improper access to this information.

Controlling Permissions Levels

Companies have invested significantly in the area of security. However, security involving the employees themselves, partners and third parties who have access to internal information, can cost much more than any external attack. If not all users need access to all kinds of content, you can choose to create different access levels. This provides additional security, since viewing data is limited for some accounts.

Algardata Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions make companies more competitive, connected and productive. However, it is increasingly important to bet on the security of Cloud solutions. In order to ensure the security of our customers’ data, we have developed security solutions that ensure greater data protection and backup of systems and information stored in the cloud. Bet on the right solutions to protect your company against cyber-attacks and irreversible damage!

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