5 time management tips that really work

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As they say, “time flies”. This makes it a variable that can be difficult to control and monitor, because once time passes, you can never recover it. And, of course, for companies, time is money.

However, it’s not always easy to manage time, so many professionals leave unfinished or pending tasks. Why? Because of poor time management. If you want to become more productive and organized, you can start by following our 5 tips to manage time effectively.

1. Establish priorities

Make a list of all your tasks and set priorities. Write a weekly plan, list everything important to accomplish that week, then move on to the daily plan. This is a great way to keep the focus on the most important and short-term goals.

When setting priorities, it is quite common to use the ABC priority system which is composed of 3 priority levels:

Priority A: This is that task that needs to be done immediately, because it is of critical importance.

Priority B: This is that task that is important, but does not need to be done immediately.

Priority C: This is that task that does not have urgency, but needs to be done anyway.

Setting priorities is not always easy, but this system can simplify the process, because in the work environment everything seems urgent, especially since nowadays almost everything is “for yesterday! So, know that: urgent is everything that, if not solved immediately, could cause problems and become harmful to the company, since what is important is everything that has the potential to generate results.

2. Perform one task at a time

The concept of multitasking sounds very good but does not always generate the best results. It can work for some professionals, but for many, it’s counterproductive and ends up making them waste more time with each task. So choose to follow your initial plan – that of the previous point – and perform one task at a time. In the end, you will not only gain more time, but you will also get better results.

3. Avoid distractions

How many times have you received a notification and been tempted to see “just that” and suddenly 10 minutes have passed. To avoid distractions and keep the focus, it’s necessary to follow some steps:

  • Do not leave social media or your e-mail open on the PC.
  • Close any unnecessary browser tabs.
  • Turn off, if you can, the cell phone notifications or put it in flight mode.
  • Choose a place to work where you will not be interrupted, especially if you are teleworking.

4. Set deadlines

To avoid procrastination it’s essential that you set deadlines. Working on a project without knowing how long it will take, may lead to procrastination because you cannot visualize a final goal. We like to associate effort with reward. So, to counteract the tendency to procrastinate, create a time window to complete the task, instead of sitting and working on a project that apparently has no end.

5. Learn to say “no”

It’s normal that you want to show dedication, but you don’t have to accept every task or project of your department. You must be aware of your workload and your ability to respond to incoming requests. If you feel overwhelmed, say “no” in a polite way, explaining your reasons. And, if you don’t want to refuse tasks, ask to postpone them to a more convenient date. Making the mistake of accepting every task can damage the quality of your work and your professional image while increasing your stress levels.

The use of technology in time management

These 5 tips for efficient time management will be very advantageous when applied to routine and day-to-day tasks, as they allow you to increase productivity and improve the quality of work without increasing your stress levels!

Using technology as an ally to complete professional goals is also an added value. Airdesk is a collaboration tool that helps in task management and monitoring of companies’ activities, in real time. With the Time Management module, you can manage your time more efficiently, controlling where and when your company is spending time and resources.

Put these tips into practice with the help of Airdesk and work better, faster and with greater versatility.

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