5 technology trends to boost productivity in 2021 (and 2022)

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There is no doubt about it – 2020 and 2021 have been challenging times globally. Pandemic has drastically changed the way companies work on a daily basis, promoting telecommuting and, consequently, the use of technological tools capable of responding to this new reality.

Remote work requires remote access for employees. However, strategic weaknesses in terms of technology and use of available resources have become quite evident in less digitized organizations.

To counteract the mistakes of the past, companies are incorporating new habits, which allied to new technologies, guarantee growth in the market, increase competitiveness, attract clients, and generate results.

Check out the main technological trends to increase productivity in 2021 and beyond.

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“It’s not secure.” “We can’t afford the time needed for the project.” “Our systems are already paid for, why switch to a subscription?” This list of excuses to justify avoiding migrating to the cloud is long and varied. However, when COVID-19 hit us in 2020, those not in the Cloud lost employee productivity, potentially causing high monetary losses. After all, where was the “Global Pandemic” section in the business continuity plan?

The prioritization of digital transformation efforts has hastily moved from the bottom of the priority list to the top. Thus, digital transformation in the Cloud will continue as companies prepare for uncertainty and deal with their legacy on-premises applications as telecommuting persists until after 2021.

Cloud computing, for example, is an increasingly adopted IT strategy. It provides greater flexibility in accessing content, as well as processing data and performing various tasks online, allowing you to make your company’s data more secure and accessible to your staff. Companies that had already integrated this technology have encountered fewer obstacles in this new adaptation scenario and have been able to minimize the effects of the crisis scenario caused by the pandemic.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already considered paramount to the digital transformation of society. This technology is influencing the way we work by improving the operations of many companies. Pandemic has only made its use even more common. It is used, for example, to facilitate the execution of various processes and optimize decision-making.

Artificial intelligence helps companies gain an edge in the market through better automation, better decision making, and of course, higher productivity! Whether it is a simple algorithm that improves reporting, a cloud-based AP automation suite, or an ERP module that your accounting department can use, AI solutions are available and designed to solve specific business problems.

AI will become increasingly widespread and necessary as businesses look to automate their processes and improve worker productivity remotely.

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Tools for Virtual Events

COVID-19 has not only affected our economy, health, and personal and social lives, it has essentially challenged the way brands market themselves, specifically in the form of hosting events, conferences, and exhibitions.

We have seen multiple corporate and publishing events taking place online, from summits to award ceremonies and more. Will virtual events eventually become the norm? Or will we all simply go back to business as usual? Well, with virtual events, not only can organizations and brands commit to reducing carbon footprint and waste, but employees can also spend more time on relevant tasks instead of wasting time traveling to a physical space.

A shift and new planning to adopt a more thoughtful and sustainable approach to hosting virtual events in the long term could indeed be a plus. This requires that companies have the right tools in place to organize online events safely and efficiently. Using technology to your advantage can ensure unique experiences for your event attendees, as well as giving you a competitive advantage.

Improved productivity tools

Working from home may become a permanent feature for some professional profiles, with location restrictions no longer an issue, as executives at leading companies claim to have improved productivity during the ongoing pandemic. Teams or organizations that have never worked remotely in the past are finding new problems with the software they are currently using. They expect to find newer tools that take unique approaches to a range of organizational needs, such as file sharing, remote task management, client management, and time management. A complete productivity tool will provide additional smooth integration, offering a better and smoother experience to its users across multiple platforms.

Cybersecurity and data protection solutions

Of course, modern digital workplaces can bring new risks, from hacking and data breaches to sophisticated email fraud, as more employees work from home using their personal devices.

Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Centre noted a spike in phishing and ransomware attacks where COVID-19 was used as bait. Google’s Threat Analysis Group also detected more than 240 million pandemic-related spam messages per day.

Organizations are in the process of stepping up their security processes by including in their processes, technologies such as two-factor authentication, proper BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) security, meticulous security permissions, compliance factors, and regular reminders for users to update their passwords.

The cost of ignoring these new cybersecurity risks can be high, leading companies to considerable productivity losses. In addition, there will also be a growing need for organizations to provide resources and training to employees on how best to avoid security risks.

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