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Airdesk will be joining Web Summit 2020

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Airdesk will be participating in Web Summit 2020, one of the largest technology and entrepreneurship events in the world.  


We developed Airdesk to give companies the ultimate control over departments and teams, all-in-one place! Unlike other collaborative platforms, we focus on the “not so pretty” parts of your business: the management of time, contracts, invoices, services, subscriptions. Our goal is to help teams get work done better, faster, and smarter. Airdesk doesn’t follow the one-size-fits-all approach. Teams can adapt Airdesk to fit their needs. We cultivate the power of connection in the workplace and believe that it’s the key to success. 


Airdesk is a shared workspace that adapts to any business and any team, whether in the office or teleworking. Airdesk is a real-time productivity Software-as-a-Service (Saas) platform for service operations and providers, built to fill the missing gap between accountability and profitability.  


Using a centralized hub, Airdesk analyzes service data and delivers prioritized insights and recommendations in real-time to boost the performance of any company. The platform allows companies to centralize operations, measure productivity levels, and keep teams in sync, wherever they are, for maximum performance.  


This year’s Web Summit will take place from December 2-4, and will have a 100% digital format due to the current epidemiological situation.

In this edition, the country’s most distinguished technological and scientific communities and 800 guest speakers will be present. For the first time, there will be a channel dedicated to Portugal through which the projects and innovative ideas of hundreds of startups and large Portuguese companies will be promoted.   

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